Friday, July 30, 2010

Ice Cream

Near my apartment is a taiyaki shop - the place that makes fish-shaped pancakes with different kinds of fillings. Taiyaki is a popular winter snack because you eat them while they're still fresh and hot. But, it's hard to sell taiyaki during the summer when customers want something cold to eat. Sure, there are frozen taiyaki, but it's not the same.

So, it's only natural for taiyaki shops to also offer ice cream. The problem now is how to provide any kind of variety, to compete against regular ice cream shops, or even against McDonald's McFlurries, when almost half of your shop is taken up by griddles.

You know those one-pack coffee packets that are popular in offices in the U.S. now? Pop a flavored packet, maybe in with a milk or syrup packet, into a special coffee machine, and all of the heating and mixing in with the water takes place inside the packet itself? After the coffee is dispensed, just throw away the packet. Right? Well, same idea here.

The ice cream is individually packed in styrofoam cups. Just put one cup in the press, pull down really hard on the lever, and viola, you have yourself a nice little cone or cup serving. And you can have as many flavors as you have room in the little freezers. This one is pineapple, with little fruit chunks mixed in. Delicious.

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