Thursday, July 15, 2010

Manhole Covers

Back when Japan had a stronger economy, it was common for various cities to come up with their own artwork to promote their local attractions as designs for manhole covers. Currently, with the increased scrutiny of budget spending, there's some pressure to stop doing this. Fortunately, at the moment, there's no attempt to recall the existing covers in order to melt them down and make them less eye-catching. Below are the ones that I liked that I've seen so far.





Takao is famous for its various funeral sites, so the below images are of a Shinto priest.

Of course, Yokohama is a port city, and was one of the first contact points with foreigners coming into Japan, so they had to do something that was related to polar bears...

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Mr Alchemy said...

It actually makes me ashamed of my own country.