Friday, July 2, 2010

Puzzle #3, Devil Kitty

I'd held off on running the last two Hachette puzzle reviews until I had one more puzzle to write about, in part because of the allure of the number "3", and also because I had so many other articles lined up in the queue that I wanted to post first. But, I was able to get a little bit of savings built up, and rather than use it on something unnecessary, like food, I decided to break down and get the third (and probably last for a very long time) puzzle.

Nagaoka Shoten (Nagaoka Publishing) produces a line of 3D clear plastic puzzles under the "Crystal Gallery" label. I've seen these before in the U.S. (and owned them) , primarily the heart and the apple. But, they've now also got Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and three versions of Hello Kitty. (The Shosen Bookstore I got this one at in Akihabara only had two of the three Kitties). With a name like "Angel and Devil", I had to get this one.

Angel and Devil Hello Kitty comes neatly packaged, but fully disassembled and with no instructions. When completed it's about 3"x3", and 1.5"-2" deep. It's fairly heavy, too. 42 pieces, including the two little Kitties, and a stand for holding the heart at a slight angle (the stand is a bit rickety, and bumping into the puzzle will cause it to easily fall over. But otherwise, it's pretty well-made). I've owned similar puzzles before, so I knew the trick to assembling this one. Still, it took about 30 minutes the first time because I wasn't in any particular hurry. I'd probably be able to do it again in around 5 minutes from now on.

A long time ago, I had about 20 different puzzles and occasionally I'd take them all apart, put them into a big box and mix up all the pieces together to see how long it would take to assemble them again. Now, I've got 6 puzzles, so it may be time to find another box.

On a side note, puzzle #125 did come out from Hachette. The box is marked with "Last of the set", so the only way for me to find more puzzles I like will be through collectors on auction sites for the older volumes, as there won't be any newer ones.


my life said...

Hi there. I received this puzzle as a present today and I was not able to solve it. I was only able to put together 4 pieces. It's my first time solving a 3d puzzle and I'm really not sure what to do. If you do not mind, could you give a brief explanation on how to put the pieces together? Thank you

TSOTE said...

I don't have this puzzle anymore, so I can't help you directly, sorry. But, you can build it in 2 halves. Take the smaller pieces and look at the edges. The edges will have sharper angles than the larger ones. Try putting the smaller pieces together so they have the same angles. As the 2 halves get larger (more pieces in place), you'll need to build up the next layers with several pieces at once. These pieces will interlock, so that the ones towards the center may have to go first. When you're done with the 2 halves, try putting them together into one large piece.

I know this isn't very helpful, but good luck!

my life said...

Thank you for your reply. I'll try it out and hopefully I'll be able to do it :) thank you