Saturday, July 10, 2010

Seen around town

Time for more random photos.

First, we have Anniversary, a nightclub in Akihabara near Yodobashi Camera.

Next, is Sit-down Curry Shop Aruba. The first time I saw the manga artwork in the window advertising the curry, I thought it was a popular spot being endorsed by a specific artist. But, when I went back to look at the other pictures on the walls inside, it turned out to just be the one ad. Oh well.

Want to watch monster movies? Monsters Lab, on the west side of Chuu-ou Dori near Pinkie's Cafe in Akihabara is the place for you.

A guardian statue in front of a shrine in Suginami, across the street from the Suginami Animation Museum.

Also at the same shrine, are various fortunes that people have received and then left behind. In general, the idea is that if you receive a prediction of bad luck, you can leave it at the shrine to be purified or resolved for you. That's a lot of bad luck.

Finally, a re-purposed R2-D2 unit, located in the Mandarake used manga shop in Akihabara.

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