Friday, July 16, 2010

Year 2 recap

Another year has come and gone. I returned to Japan on July 17, 2008. Time to recap year 2 for TSOJ.

Milestone 1 - I broke 50,000 visitors this month. Actually, I don't know the exact count for how many visitors there have been since I started this blog. I installed the hit counter only last October when Photobucket started sending me notices that I was reaching my limit for bandwidth on the pictures being hosted there. So, I added the counter just to find out why the photos were being accessed so much, and discovered that I was getting 200 hits a day. At one point there was a peak of 300, but now I'm down to 180/day. Hello, everyone!

Milestone 2 - I put over 3000 kilometers on my bike. I try to ride at least 25 km 2-3 times a week, and if possible put in a 50 km ride on Thursday or Friday. Last winter I tried going out to Fuji-san (but the roads were too narrow and congested to go more than halfway out and back again), but that was a good 100 km right there. I haven't been riding much lately because I've been too busy, but I hope to get back into the routine now.

Milestone 3 - I took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) for the first time on July 4. There's 5 levels, and I'd been studying for the 2 months leading up to it for the new level 3. Pretty much prevented me from doing anything else but work and sleep. Many Japanese companies want at least level 2 certification, if not level 1. I wanted to go for level 3 because it was the lowest level being offered this time (the lowest levels 4 and 5 are still only offered in December). I won't get the results until September, but I think I'm right on the borderline bewteen passing and failing, so flip a coin and you'll know more than I do.

Milestone 4 - I started up the Garo magazine reviews and have covered about 2 years of issues. It's not one of the more popular blog entires; Nihon-go Hunter is only getting 6 visitors a day. But, I'm learning about some good artists that I hadn't known about before, so I'll keep working on this project for a while longer. Also, because of the JLPT testing, I'm finding it easier to read these stories now.

Anti-milestone 1 - My old laptop crashed. I lost about 1 week of blogging time while I waited for the new desktop to arrive, so I had to skip a couple entries for Maid Runner and Nihon-go Hunter. But the new Fujitsu machine is much, much faster than before, and that's saving me a lot of time for writing up these entries and touching up my photos. So, there is an upside here. And, otherwise, I've been blogging pretty much without a break since I started.

Milestone 5 - I hit 52 maid cafes this year. I've reviewed one cafe per week with only the one break when my PC crashed. But, this means that I'm running out of new places to review. Year three may mark the mothballing of Maid Runner.

Milestone 6 - I watched nearly 100 episodes of the old The Avengers TV series. Good times. It's amazing how much the show changed from season 2 to season 4. I won't bother watching season 6 (with Linda Thorson). I think that I like best Honor Blackman's later episodes from season 3 and Diana Rigg's earlier work in season 4. Season 5 just gets too campy and loses it's focus on the tightly-written espionage elements. Also there's a little too much recycling of earlier plots in season 5.

Milestone 7 - I put together the History of Manga series, which ran both as entries in this blog, and was collected as a series of HTML pages on the server. This series acts as a compilation of the museum exhibits I went to over the past 1.5 years. It's also not a very popular series, since few people have read it, but I consider it useful as a way to record artist names for going back to for later reference when I forget them.


What's in store for year 3? More of the same. Only bigger and more soggy.


Shiroibara said...

Congrats on the 2-year mark and all the achievements you've accomplished! :)

bartman905 said...

Please let me add my congrats as well .. I am sure year 3 will be better than ever for you!

jaydeejapan said...

Congrats on year 2. I hope year 3 is a great one!

TSOTE said...

Thanks, everyone. Onward and forward...

Mr Alchemy said...

You're a blogging inspiration. I desperately want to up my productivity in writing, photography, and video making, so I plan to use my blogs/youtube/flickr as a way of setting myself goals with end products. Now if only I can get into a dedicated system like you, with routine and motivation.

BTW I am denied access to that link

TSOTE said...

Mr. A - Good luck on your blogging plans.

Sorry about the server issue. Basically, I don't have a main index page at that level of the directory tree (that's the level that takes you to Maid Runner as well as the anime pages). The link that works is:

Bunny said...

Two whole years!

I keep thinking of installing blogging s/w on, but first I want to re-install the OS.