Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bear's Guarana

The brand is apparently "Beware of the Bear's Frequent Appearance, White". "White" is what's referred to as a "white soda", essentially something that tastes a little like carbonated Calpis. I found the text on the bottle to be the most interesting part of this soda.


Only Hokkaido Taste

Not Polar Bear but Ezo Brown Bear of Winter

Bear's Guarana

Wilderness Nature Hokkaido Equipment

Ursus Arctos Yesoensis

North Island - Product Institute Creative Company

Water uses natural water of Mt. Yocots of Donan. Main raw material of saccharide is a potato from Hokkaido.

# When the seal of the drink is cut, it preserves it with the refrigerator. And, please finish drinking ahead of time. # Do not give the high impact because the container might explode. And do not preserve it for a long time in the place that becomes a high temperature. # Please do not cut the body when you cut the seal of the drink. # The element of the liquid might discolor, be precipitated, and float. However, it is safe as the quality of the drink. # Please recycle an empty container without throwing it away. # It takes account to the quality and manufacturing the drink. However, please contact us when there is a problem.

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