Friday, August 13, 2010

Biodiversity Cartoon Exhibition (July 7-Aug. 29)

Back in July, the Japan Times paper ran a mention of an event coming up in their Friday Arts section. The event was the Biodiversity Cartoon Exhibition, being held in the Newspark newspaper museum in Yokohama. As always, they didn't include a URL for checking out the event, instead only printing the phone number for the museum. Sure, the phone number is fine if you want to make reservations or buy the tickets electronically (and if you can speak Japanese), but it's kind of useless if you really want to know what the event is about, or if there are special days with appearances by guest speakers. So, I tried finding the event online, and nothing was coming up. Finally, when the event was listed in the paper again some weeks later, I decided to try searching on the museum's phone number.

This gave me lots of hits. Check out the PDF ad. There's some interesting self-portraits there. I don't plan on visiting this event myself, but I may go to the museum some time to check out their history section. Since modern Japanese newspapers did grow out from Yokohama, there's a good chance that they may have some information on early editorial manga artists, like Rakuten and Okamoto.

While I'm at this, I'll also mention "Manga Realities: Exploring the Art of Japanese Comics Today", which was also mentioned in the Japan Times (at least with the new Opening listings they include the URL). The idea here is to analyze 9 manga that started after 2000, to show that not all manga is aimed at children. Oddly enough, they left out mentions of "Beck" and "The World God Only Knows", which are two of the biggest titles in the collection, and, I think, are aimed primarily at children. Oh well. Anyway, Ibaraki is quite some ways north of Tokyo, and not a place I can get to easily or cheaply. After Sept. 26, the exhibit continues on to Seoul and Manila, which are even harder to get to...

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