Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gegege Exhibit

Lately, Shigeru Mizuki has gotten kind of a resurgence in visibility in Japan. He and his wife have been on TV off and on lately and I just came across a magazine that looks at his works from the point of view as art. His wife's book has been running on NHK as a TV drama entitled "Gegege no Nyobo" (Wife of Gegege). Several months ago, the Yumebi art gallery announced their full line up of feature exhibits out to 2011, and "The World of Mizuki Shigeru" was already scheduled to start running next Fall.

Which brings me to the next exhibit just announced to run in the Matsuya Ginza store - "Mizugi Shigeru Beijyu Kinen" (Shigeru Mizuki's 88th Birthday Commemoration"). This is the same store that ran the Fujio Akatsuka (Tensai Bakabon) exhibit last year. This new exhibit seems to be independent of the one coming up at the Yumebi. Entrance fee is 1000 yen for adults, and it's only running from Aug. 11 to the 23rd.

I probably won't go to this one, since it's kind of hard to get to from Noborito, although if I go prior to continuing on to the office one afternoon, then it wouldn't be so bad (Ginza is just a couple of stops from Akihabara along the Yamanote line).

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