Monday, August 2, 2010

Kill me baby paper craft

There's a manga currently being fan translated on One Manga, called "kirumi- beibee" ("Kill me, baby", which has an English subtitle of "Baby please kill me"). It's a silly little 4-panel gag strip about a young school girl assassin transfer student, and the normal student that wants to be friends with her. In chapter 15, there's a "paper craft" page. Not as elaborate as, say Yamaha's cutout motorcycle, but still kind of fun. This is in line with the "box versions" of Atom Boy that have come out commercially in recent years.

The timing on this is interesting too. Publishers in Japan have been pressuring fan manga hosting sites to, at a minimum, block access to users living in Japan. The theory being, apparently, that if you're going to read manga for free, that you do it in convenience stores and used bookstores like everyone else. In any event, One Manga has modified their access monitoring software again in such a way that I can no longer see anything on their site, one day after I was able to verify the URL for Kill Me Baby for this blog entry.

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