Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lupin Coffee 2, 2

A few days ago, I uploaded a photo of a recent Roots coffee/Lupin III tie-in, saying that I'd only wanted to buy the Lupin III and Fujiko cans. Well, Jason's has this coffee for 78 yen (88 cents US) per can, (it's regularly 140 yen) and when I went in to pick up my snacks to have something while I'm working, I figured "why not?" So I got the remaining three cans, with Jigen, Zenigata and Goemon.

For work, I like to get a pack or two of cookies, a bowl of instant ramen, a bottle of soda or tea, and a small can of coffee for getting jump-started in the morning. Normally, I just get the Jason's brand of can coffee, which is maybe 6 ounces for 38 yen. But this time, I was willing to spend the extra money in part because the Lupin cans are larger and have more coffee. They taste about the same, though.

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