Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seen around town, 1

Time for more random photos. In fact, it's so easy to find random things to take pictures of, I need to spread them over the course of several days (hey, I could be doing this one photo per day, you know! That could really cut down on my workload here. Hmm, now that I think about it...)

At the end of June/beginning of July, Akihabara had their annual Green Fest. This consisted mainly of some exhibits on eco-friendly products, and a stamp rally to get people to visit various event sites around the district. If you fill out the stamp card, you can take it back to the information office in the UDX building and play a lottery to get free gift cards to one of the area stores. Last year, I filled out 5 stamp cards, and all I won were little packets of flower seeds. Because I have no place to grow flowers, the packets were kind of a waste and I decided to not try again this year. In any event, Akiba had the Green Fest banners set up everywhere. They're also heavily promoting the latest Naruto DVD.

Azalea is a department store in Kawasaki. I just found it interesting that they'd use masked female professional wrestling as part of their advertising campaign (never happen in the U.S.) I can't tell if the stuffed mascot is supposed to be a rabbit or a pig.

Although the above photo is labeled "bar_01", this is actually a display case outside of a karaoke bar. This specific karaoke bar specializes in old console video games. When you're tired of singing, you can play Super Mario.

I like this bike. It's cute. Seems to be strictly a street bike, though. Wouldn't want to take it on the freeway. I tried asking the rider who made the bike but he couldn't understand my question, and I couldn't find a brand logo on it anywhere. Seen in Akihabara.

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