Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seen around town, 2

The Kawasaki red light district is an interesting collection of shops, bars, night clubs, restaurants, etc. Here's just a small sampling of the area.

This is the back entrance to the district, for the main street that runs through it. "Back side" is a bit misleading, though, since the entrance here faces a freeway, a major through street and a whole bunch of houses and offices. The front entrance faces the Kawasaki train station. The photo didn't come out well, but with the way the cross streets are laid out here, I didn't have a lot of choices for the camera angle.

Top of the arch over the street.

I hadn't really noticed this detail from the top photo prior to doing the touch-up for this blog entry, or I would have taken a different shot from the other side. The barrier fence is shaped like a chain of people holding hands.

The neon sign above shop Tojou speaks volumes.

Bar Baby Face.

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