Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seen around town, 5

There are only two street car lines still running in Tokyo. I wrote about the one in Setagaya a long time ago. This is the other one, which runs along Waseda Dori towards Waseda University. The line is right next to a fairly busy street so there aren't that many chances to get interesting photos of the cars while they're running.

A few weeks ago, the Japan Times ran an article on a new project starting up in Tokyo. Certain select train stations are getting spy TVs. You can almost make out the little camera in the top middle part of the TV frame. The camera observes people as they're walking by and determines how many are focused on looking at any given ad running on the display at the time. Supposedly the TV doesn't gather info on the people themselves, and is just intended to bring us one step closer to Minority Report. This one is in Shinjuku station.

As part of the UDX building's summer motif, a small water wall was installed in the plaza in front of the Tully's coffee shop on the first floor, and some of the planters replaced with soft-light lamps with fish painted on them.

Yes, there are separate buildings for the weak unaged and the strong aged. The strong unaged get no respect, just as with most other cultures.

Back of a bar in the Kawasaki red light district.


Bunny said...

Wao! You found one of my signs!
Where was it? I went looking for our Ikkybucket ones but failed to find either.

The cameras in there are the cheapest nastiest cameras I have seen, they are NAGUMA 2M, UVC things better suited to laptops. Poor focus and no better than a pinhole. They capture at 640*480 and have serious difficulty with poor light equals longer exposure equals anything moving is a blur.

It is not going to recognise a Curtis, it is lucky to recognise Japanese women as women at all!

I like how slashdot gets it totally wrong (as usual).

TSOTE said...

Heh. Big Brother needs glasses. ;-)

This one was in the tunnels running from the Odakyu ticket gates to the stairs leading to the Chuu-ou platform heading towards Yotsuya. Effectively, enter the Shinjuku station from the west side, go down to the big open area with the escalators and stairs for the Odakyu store and the main JR ticket machines. Go through the ticket gates and head to the second entrance for the Chuu-ou rapid platform (the one for Yotsuya). It'll be right there.