Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dengeki event, 2010

Sunday, Sept. 26th, a co-worker looked out the window of our 19th floor office in Akihabara and asked if there was a job recruitment going on. I asked what he meant and he pointed out the line along the back of the UDX building on the other side of the train tracks. There were at least 200 people standing in front of the doors. I replied that it had to be an anime DVD release with special merchandise tie-ins, because a job fair never attracts that kind of a crowd.

So, during my break at 5 PM, I went over to see what was going on. I was wrong - it was a manga event promoting the series from Dengeki publishing. The event was still going strong, and some of the voice actresses from the anime versions of the manga were on stage giving a talk show. Naturally there was no way to get a good shot of them. And the interior of the UDX space was packed so there was no way to get to most of the booths. Still, it was fun seeing what little of it that I did.

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