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Garo 59

Garo #59, Apr., '69. Cover by Yuu Takita. 234 pages.

(Magazine back cover)

Caution! Adult themes! If you are not considered an adult in your country, or if you are easily offended, please do not continue with this entry!!!

This is a special issue that contains 220+ pages of Yuu's manga. I've only seen a couple of the stories in Garo before. The rest may be reprints from other sources, but I can't be sure. They fall into three categories: the Chonmage series, the Terajima Neighborhood Mystery tales, and random gags. I'm not going to scan all of the stories here because of the sheer volume, and the probability of later duplication.

(Takita Yuu Special Edition)

玉の井界隈○番地 (Tamanoi Neighborhood House)

By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 30 pages. This is a featured manga on Nihon-go Hunter this week.
Part of the Terajima Series.This is one of the Terajima stories, although Kiyoshi and his family don't really factor into it much. A street walker unsuccessfully tries to drum up business, then gives up for the night. As she's settling in her apartment, one of the customers runs up to say that one of the other girls is in pain.After a certain amount of dithering, the girl is taken to a doctor where she's diagnosed with a burst appendix. Very few of Kiyoshi's family understands what it means to have an appendix removed, and in an attempt to come to grips with this, Kiyoshi pretends to operate on Tama. Eventually, the story returns to the first street walker, who is in her room alone again, wishing that she had someone to take care of her.

用心棒暁に死す (Bodyguard Dies at Daybreak)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 6 pages.
A youjinbo (bodyguard) spends his day drinking in an inn, suspiciously watching everyone who comes by. The innkeeper spends his time chasing away noisy cats that try to fight at night. Finally, sunrise comes, and the youjinbo has died from a fight in front of a bridge.

月は上りぬ (Moon Rise)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 8 pages.
A local lord orders his men to build an artificial pond on the top of a hill so that he can watch the moon's reflection at night. The construction is a success, so the men are rewarded by being given bowls of sake that they can't drink - they can only use them to look at their own, private, little reflected moons.

うわざの系譜 (Pedigree of a Rumor)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 5 pages.
Part of the Chonmage series.Two travelers in old Edo, one male and one female, arrive at an inn to stay over night. They want separate rooms, but have to sleep together with a bamboo separator between them. In the middle of the night, the woman wakes up, knocks the screen over, then attacks the man for looking at her.

同志諸君 (Like-minded Men)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 4 pages.
Part of the Chonmage series. A group of rogue samurai vow to overthrow their leader, and sign a pact in blood as part of the preparation. Unfortunately, they forget the scroll they've signed in the inn when the leave, and the innkeeping staff find it and read it.

隠密無情 (Secret Cruelty)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 4 pages.
Part of the Chonmage series. A messenger has been sent out to deliver a secret message, but is cut down by ninjas along the way. A traveler finds him, but he just chokes in pain before dying. The traveler reinterprets the grunts of pain as something like "I did it one time" when he passes the message on.

参加 (Participation)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 4 pages.
Part of the Chonmage series. A spear-carrying foot soldier prepares to join his fellow soldiers on a perilous mission, but his wife refuses to let him go. He finds his partners and tells them what the problem is. They leave him behind, all wishing that they had the same excuse to avoid the fighting.

まるごし会談 (Unarmed Conference)

By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 4 pages.
Part of the Chonmage series. A samurai sitting in front of a stage that has several of his superiors on it, gets angry and kicks the stage, which rolls down hill like it's on a bunch of wheels. The wheels turn into the beads of an abacus, and we discover that he's actually daydreaming about getting revenge against his superiors for being forced to pawn his swords.

涙の連判状 (Joint Covenant of Tears)

By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 4 pages.
Part of the Chonmage series. A messenger carrying a precious scroll gets ambushed by ninjas. He struggles to return to his lord, when he sees some friendly faces. The other men tell the messenger not to worry, they've all been given copies of the scroll they can also deliver. The messenger dies happily and the ninjas attack the other countrymen to get the copies, too.

マイゴーストアウン (My Ghost Town)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 25 pages.
A salaryman working at a company suddenly find himself as the only living thing in Tokyo. On the upside, he can eat and drink as much as he likes. On the downside, there's nothing to watch at the dance clubs. After a while, he encounters a woman that wants to join him. But, she realizes that he'd rather hang around the town by himself and she breaks up with him. The guy screams in anguish, then gets piled on as the commuters push onto the train on top of him. End of day dream.

海 (Ocean)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 9 pages.
A passenger on an airplane finds himself the sole survivor of a plane crash in the dessert. He's discovered by two female archeologists who fight over who gets to give him water from their canteen. The two kill each other off, and the guy is left alone in the sand dunes.

まじめなまじめなまじめな世界 (Serious, Serious, Serious World)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 14 pages.
A rakugo storyteller tries to present a story where the mistakes made by a specific salaryman results in other people committing suicide, regardless of the decisions he makes. Eventually, the policeman in the story chases the story teller off the stage.

インポの法則 (Law of Impotence)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 17 pages.
A salesman who isn't making his numbers is married to a woman that has discovered the joys of buying consumer products on credit. Each day, he has to tell his wife how much he loves her, but she expects him to get enough money to pay off all the bills. He takes out a huge life insurance policy on himself, and his wife decides to collect on it by having the department store manager kill him with a knife. The salesman survives the attack, and his remorseful wife shows how much she loves him by settling for a broke-down beater of a car, with no shocks, that she then drives, with her husband in the back, over roads made of large crushed boulders.

ドライタイム (Dry Time)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 17 pages.
A manager at a factory acts as a slave driver, cracking his whip at his workers and bossing them around. The factory collapses under his direction, and he wakes up - a college student just completing his graduating ceremonies and about to enter the work force.

あしがる (A Poor Man)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 11 pages.
A reprint from Garo #32.

しずく (Drip)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 12 pages.
A reprint from Garo #33.

ラララの恋人 (Lalala Lovers)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 21 pages.
A reprint from Garo #44.

あいつ (Him)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 16 pages.
It's the mid-60's, at the height of the factory worker riots. A young woman being attacked by the police gets saved by a very rugged, brave factory worker. She falls in love with the guy and follows him to various riots around the city, but he keeps avoiding her. One night, the guy can't be found anywhere. The woman asks where her hero is, and is told that he's been drafted. She tries visiting him at the boot camp and again he ignores her. As he's being driven off to the front, the woman swears off going to riots.

彼女の世界 (A Woman's World)
By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 8 pages.
A reprint from Garo #53.

滝田ゆうへのエッチな質問 (A perverted question to Yuu Takita)
By Seiichi Hayashi (林静一). 1 page.
Interview by Seiichi Hayashi.

勝又進 作品集 (Katsumata's Creation Collection) #36

By Susumu Katsumata (勝又進). 5 pages.
3- and 4-panel gag strips, including the one above describing Yuu's passions in life.

身すぎ世すぎに追いまくられて (Chasing a Livelihood)
By Senjiro Kikuchi (菊地浅次郎). 1 page.
Article on Yuu Takita.

ヤケクソを徹底的に貫いて (Going Through Complete Desperation)
By 石子順造 (Ishiko, Junzuo). 1 page.
Article on Yuu Takita.

足の指の垢の臭い (The Smell of Dirty Toes)
By Genpei Akasegawa (赤瀬川原平). 1 page.
Article on Yuu Takita. Genpei is a pen name for Katsuhiko Akasegawa. He will show up again later, in the July 1971 issue of Garo.

(Being Impressed by Harumi Miyako, Pachinko and Rakugo)
By Shouichi Sakurai (桜井昌一). 1 page.
Article on Yuu Takita.

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