Thursday, September 30, 2010

High School of the Dead DVD Release

High School of the Dead is a manga running in Monthly Dragon Ace, and currently appearing on TV late at night. It describes the adventures of some Japanese school students when their teachers and neighbors suddenly turn into flesh-eating zombies. The DVD just came out and this bus has been parked on Chuu-ou Douri in Akihabara the last few days to advertise it. The windows are all fitted with monitors running ads for the DVD.

The driver doesn't like having his photo taken. When several people gathered around with cameras, he suddenly started up the engine and pulled out. Then again, part of the job for these traveling ads is to actually drive around the area to maximize the number of people that see them. I'm just surprised that the bus isn't set up to let fans visit inside and give out free gummy zombies or something. Especially since Halloween is so close.

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Bunny said...

Its such a shame that the show ended with a classic western "riding off into the sunset".

Fundamentally, HoTD was a T&A show and it's redeeming feature is that it has now finished and will be replaced with something equally inane and full of plot-antagonistic fan service.

At least Okami + her companions had the right idea about fan service.