Wednesday, September 1, 2010

June-July-August edition of the "related articles in the media"

Here's the batch of articles to show up in the media from June to August, regarding anime, manga and related stuff.

Generic New News

Japan Times

Interview with "Rock 'n Roll Love manga artist Misako Takashima

Puppet animation producer dies

Daily Yomiuri

Arakawa Under The Bridge review

Yuki Kajiura anisongs

Blythe Dolls turned into manga characters

COMICS REVIEW / Ramen master Taisho

Review of "Colorful" anime film.
I'm a little confused, though. The newspaper version of the review used an anime image from the movie, but the online version has a picture of two live actors. Not sure why the discrepancy.

Studio Ghibli caught up in a PR nightmare
Ghibli had a gift shop at a nuclear power plant, which is being misconstrued as meaning that they support nuclear power.

Girl sets manga museum milestone



Well, now that Galbraith is no longer writing the Pop Life section of the Met, there's virtually no anime or manga-related stuff coming out from them. Kind of a shame, since the number of anime-related art exhibits have grown this summer and no one else is reviewing or promoting them (outside of the rare mentions in the Japan Times). I guess it's a mixed blessing - bad writing is better than no writing at all...

Happy Science is a so-called "neo-Buddhist" religous group that tried making a political bid in Japan, and includes at least a few manga artists in its ranks. This article describes some of the anime they've developed so far.
Happy Science


Kitaro Car License Plates for Chofu

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