Tuesday, September 21, 2010



A few days ago, I was back in the Kinokuniya bookstore on the east side of Shinjuku, and on the 5th floor I encountered a set of high-quality movie-related figure kits that I hadn't seen before. This specific set was tied to Toei studios, and included Mothra, Giant Robo and Gamera, along with unrelated figures from Toy Story and Nightmare before Christmas.


What really got my attention was the set of click-on accessories provided with each figure. In fact, there are quite a few of these kits already, all from Revoltech, and are posable units with fully adjustable joints that lend themselves well to amateur fan stopmotion videos. I really like the mothra kit, which includes its own powerstation for turning into a giant cocoon holder. Yes, you too can destroy the town of your choice.

(Lupin III accessories set.)

Next up are the action hero characters, to include Lupin, Jigen, Fist of the Northstar, Evangelion and others, around Oct. 5. The Basara characters are already out. Most of the kits include the name of the chief designer on the box, and prices run from 2400 to 2800 yen depending on the series.

I'm torn between the Lupin and the Mothra figures. I'm limited on space and can only justify getting one of them. Ahh, the humanity of it all!!!

(All images from the revoltech website, used for review purposes only.)


Bunny said...

How about these for dolls:


I should show you where their shop is, you can have a sticker-shock.

TSOTE said...

Heh. I'm pretty familiar with the prices some of these things can go for. Definitely an upscale market. I'd be satisfied with a $30 Lupin III.