Friday, September 24, 2010

Ok, I blinked.

I've written about how you just can't blink in Tokyo or you'll miss something. Case in point. A few days ago I decided to visit my favorite Kaldi coffee import shop in Ultra Machi (one stop short of Seijougakuen-mae on the Odakyu line) and on a whim I decided to keep walking another few minutes down the street to Shot 78, the Ultraman coffee shop nearby. They have a flier rack outside the door with sheets advertising the latest Ultraman movies. Just on principle I took one of everything and went inside to eat some kakigori (shaved ice with Blue Hawaiian syrup on top for 300 yen). As I was waiting for my order to come out, I read through the fliers.

The one that caught my eye was for the 75th anniversary celebration for Sazae-san. Called "Minna no Sazae-san Exhibit" ("Everyone's Sazae-san", みんなのサザエさん展), it ran at the Machiko Hasegawa gallery in Setagaya, from July 17 to Sept. 12. I'd just missed it by a couple of days. I'd been to the gallery before. It's a nice little place showing off the artwork that Sazae-san's creator, Machiko, bought during the course of her life, but there's one corner of the building where they show Sazae-san anime on the TV all day. The exhibit included various special events. And, because it's within about a 45 minute bike ride from my apartment, I would have liked to have known about it in advance so I could have gone there.

Sigh. Next time, I'll superglue my eyelids up so I can't blink.

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