Saturday, October 30, 2010

Akihabara station renovation

There are several entrances/exits in the JR Akihabara station. The one we care about today is the one facing the UDX building. Billed as the north exit for Denki Town (Electric Town), most of this part of the building has been under renovations for well over a year. They finally took the last of the security fencing down a few days ago, giving us a full view of the new facade.

Given that Akihabara is a major center for electronics, games, anime DVDs, manga and maid cafes, you'd think that the new design would reflect its surroundings in some shape or form. Instead, what we get is something generic and bland. Sigh.

At least there's another Starbucks. Now we don't have to walk the 1 full block to get to the Starbucks already at the other side of the station. (Not to make fun of the consumerism inherent in all of this. On the other side of the tracks to the left of the station there are two 7-11s one block apart, and within a 1 block radius of 2 other convenience stores.)

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