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Garo 61

Garo #61, June, '69. Cover by Sampei Shirato. 234 pages.

カムイ伝 (Kamui-den) #51

By Sampei Shirato (白土三平). 37 pages.
The mass exodus continues, but Kokemaru is against letting the vagrants join in. The ones that were punished for mingling with villagers, by having their noses and ears cut off, plead to be allowed to join their loved ones. Kokemaru relents, and finds himself pretty much left alone. Shousuke tries to talk the big man into going with them but is rebuffed. Shousuke then goes out on one of the boats to join Shichibe. Kokemaru is left standing with the wounded Kigisu.

Elsewhere, Ryounoshin and his band are still being harried by Kazuma's plan to turn the villagers against them. They retreat to their mountain camp, where two samurai show up to join them. Problem is, the camp's location is supposed to be a secret, so how did they find it? Turns out that some of the bandits have been plotting to start up a new leadership and had been spreading the word to the outside. Ryounoshin goes livid and starts hacking down everyone that would have sided with the usurpers. At the end, a group of samurai on horseback arrive and order everyone to throw down their weapons, which Ryounoshin happily does as even the outsiders get rounded up and tied up. Just then, the bandit leader notices the mad Koroku shambling by.

花あらしの頃 (The Time of the Flower Tempest)

By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 34 pages.
Kiyoshi and his friends are playing a racing game, where they randomly choose places that they have to reach before returning to the home base. Kiyoshi gets stuck with a place outside the district, where he encounters a woman whose geta strap breaks. The boy hesitantly hands over half of his best top throwing string, but they're close to home where the woman has replacement strings. She gives Kiyoshi money to buy cigarettes for her, and he can keep the change. At the last minute, a male friend arrives and the adults get into a argument which results in the woman chasing Kiyoshi out as well. He buys a whistle candy with the change, and his mother suddenly shows up and asks for an explanation. There's some confusion when both Kiyoshi and his grandmother eat some of the food prepared for the customers at the bar, but there's a really big storm coming in and most of the customers stay home. That night, Kiyoshi tries to make the remaining half of his string work for throwing his battling top, but is disappointed. The storm knocks over the flower pots outside, prompting the grandmother to comment on the "flower tempest" and to tell him to go to sleep already.

きなこ屋のばあさん (Kinako Shop's Granny)

By Tadao Tsuge (つげ忠男). 24 pages.
A young man moves into a new apartment with the help of a friend. He discovers an old woman that runs a small snack shop, called "Kinoko-ya". The man learns about the old woman, and how she will often fall asleep while sitting up in front of the shop. At one time, the family had been very prosperous, but now it's just the old woman and a granddaughter. The man befriends the old woman, and notices how the granddaughter will always come home on her own after school to go into her room to study diligently. One day, the old woman is gone and it looks like she may have passed away, leaving just the granddaughter to sit in front of the shop in her place.

"学校"否定の論理 (The Logic of Denial of "School") #51
By Koshi Ueno (上野昂志). 2 pages.

新日本書紀 (The New Old Chronicles) #9

By Mamoru Sasaki & Satsuko Okamoto (佐々木 守 & 岡本 颯子). 6 pages.

勝又進 作品集 (Katsumata's Creation Collection) #38

By Susumu Katsumata (勝又進). 14 pages.
More short panel gags, and a slightly longer piece about dogs.

化石の森 (Fossil Forest)

By Manabu Ohyama (大山学). 24 pages. This is a featured manga on Nihon-go Hunter this week.
A young man, an engineer, lives with his wife and father. The father was against their marriage, and always argues with them. However, occasionally, when it snows, he just stands outside in a daze, acting like he wants to freeze to death. One day, the father pleads with the engineer to take him on a trip before he dies. As they're on the plane to Hokkaido, the man asks to know where they're going. The father answers "Karafuto" (the disputed island of Sakhalin near Russia). It's prohibited for Japanese citizens to go there, but the old man knows how to get past the border. He then tells the engineer "you're not actually my son". Turns out that following WW II, the Russian army was rounding up and executing Japanese citizens living on Karafuto. The old man and his wife had two young children then, and as they were escaping through the snow packed woods, the old man suffered a broken arm and the wife had a leg injury. They couldn't carry their children, so in one clearing, when the kids had collapsed, the father had buried them under the snow. The husband and wife made it to a port and caught a ship going to Hokkaido, and as they were about to depart, spied a small boy who'd been separated from his own parents. The couple adopted the child, who, now as an adult, is left wondering who he really is and what had happened to his own family. Then, the old man and the engineer reach Karafuto, and the old man goes running off to what he thinks is the right spot. The engineer can't believe that they'd be able to find two bodies out in the open like this after 24 years, but they do. However, while the bodies are of a male and a female, and they are wearing the right clothes, the bodies look too old. In any event, the father sweeps them up, hugging them and crying, apologizing and asking if they feel cold.

溝 (Mizo)

By Kuniko Tsurita (つりた くにこ). 15 pages.
A woman in the middle of Summer is freezing. A friend comes over to visit but she doesn't recognize him. She goes out to get cold medicine and the friend shows up again, asking if she wants to go swimming. They're both covered in sweat, but the woman demands to know if he's trying to kill her, having her swim in such frigid weather. She returns to her room, fully expecting a snow storm, and curling up under some empty blankets. Heavy clouds do build up, but probably for a tropical downpour.

ぼくら宇宙人 (Our Space Aliens)

By Tamehiro Tashiro (田代為寛). 14 pages.
A wordless story from the creator of Mysterious Ball and Indian Treasure. A space alien lands on earth and watches as a caveman kills a dinosaur with one arrow. The alien gets back in his ship and flies off. The narrator says that his ancient ancestor probably did meet up with an alien.

若草 (Green Grass)

By Yoshiko Naka (仲佳子). 10 pages.
The story here is kind of disconnected, but Yoshiko's artwork has gotten pretty toned-down since she first showed up a few issues ago. First, we have a school boy coming home and seeing his tomboy sister up in a tree playing around. The two of them return home, where their older sister comments that the girl isn't wearing her geta (which she forgot somewhere). They go inside, and the girl's mother yells that she's to go in to talk to her father, which the girl interprets to mean that her brother had tattled on her about playing in the tree, so she hits him. Turns out though that she's actually to sit in on an omiai - an arranged marriage. The girl had also stolen a note that her brother had written, supposedly a love note to a "madonna" that a classmate had asked him to write. "Madonna" was a term for a very beautiful woman, and some of the other schoolboys follow a so-called "madonna" to her home, where her older sister berates her for only being a half-sister from a different father. The schoolboys protest this treatment of their idol, and the older girl is caught adjusting her hair.

ゆきがふる (The Snow is Falling)

By Tsuguo Kougo (向後つぐお). 20 pages.
A young woman visiting Tokyo encounters a young man that is chasing after a thief that had stolen his backpack. The man yells after the thief, then suddenly the bad guy gets hit by a cab and the young man, Yuuki, takes his money back. Yuuki sees the girl and immediately starts yelling at her. An older man shows up, who Yuuki refers to as Taishou (boss), and he starts directing people to leave the crime scene, including the guy who'd hit the thief. The thief asks for someone to call for an ambulance, but he's ignored and he eventually dies. The girl demands to know what's going on, and after telling Boss that Yuuki looks like her older brother, gets the guy to talk. A couple of years earlier, Yuuki had come to Tokyo looking for work. He ran into a woman that took a fancy to him, and he saved up a year's worth of money to spend on her. Two strangers arrived and revealed that the woman was someone who would sleep with anyone that had the cash, and when Yuuki blurted out what he had in his backpack, they tried to take it from him. The first one was all mouth and was easily defeated by a fist to the face, but the second pulled out a knife and sliced the pack open to take the cash. Later, the woman turned out to be the two men's partner. Yuuki's mind had snapped during this event, and he saved up another year's worth of money, just waiting for the woman to come back again. He's still waiting. Yuuki notices that the girl is still there, and yells at her again. Boss and Yuuki leave, as the corpse attracts flies. The girl comments that while Yuuki looks like her brother, he definitely isn't. She calls the police to report a hit and run.

白い液体 (White Fluid)

By Ryouichi Ikegami (池上遼一). 24 pages. This is a featured manga on Nihon-go Hunter this week.
Ryouichi really likes his horror stories. A young man gets the urge to jump on a train and goes traveling for no particular reason. He arrives at Hanukebito station and exits the train. The ticket master looks like a ghost, and doesn't talk to the guy as he passes through the gate. The man goes through town, noticing that it's empty. He finds a inn, and an old woman checks him in, saying that they only have the one room, and there's only the one guest who'd arrived 1 year earlier. Things continue taking a surreal turn as the room is filled with spider webs, the guest almost looks like a corpse, the woman is married to the ticket master, the couple has only what seems to be one grandson, no one has any teeth, the village is otherwise deserted, the train only stops once a year, the place is infested with flesh-eating locusts, and the only food is a white liquid that comes out of a pipe in the garden. The guy gets bitten by the insects, and when he tries to talk to the other people, is told that they only want to sleep. The rain pours down days on end, and the guy feels really lethargic shortly after drinking the white liquid. He never does figure out where the liquid is coming from, and eventually the other people in the inn die one after the other. His teeth start falling out, his memory slips away from him - he can't remember the name of the station he'd gotten out at or why he'd come here in the first place. The corpse of the other guest seems to be laughing at him, and the only time he seems to be lucid is when he's sleeping. Eventually, he forgets to go to the station the next time the train is due to stop, and in the final panel, he's covered with locusts.

(Ha nuki bito = Teeth Fell Out Person).

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