Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kitkat flavors - Aloe, Mixed Fruit and Amaisa

Time for another Kit Kat flavor "found only in Japan". This one is Aloe. I found this in the Jason's discount grocery store some months ago, and I'm only now getting around to writing it up. It's a fairly subtle taste this time around, with a white chocolate cream base, and a hint of mint. I don't know what aloe is supposed to taste like, since I only associate it with hand cream, but the aroma of aloe was easily recognizable. The texture wasn't as waxy as some of the other Kit Kat flavors, coming close to what you'd expect from white chocolate. Not bad, but not great.

Then we have the Fruit Mix Snack. The bag shows several fruits, but again, the waxy, pseudo-milk chocolate covering the cookie wafers fails to release any distinctive flavors. There's a hint of banana, but that's about it. I was expecting each packet to have a different flavor, but they're all the same. The aroma is pretty strong, and I can recognize apple and strawberry, but the taste is disappointing. Not worth buying a second time.

What the heck, let's keep adding on more as they show up! The Otona no Amaisa bar is a darker chocolate, with a little bit more sugar. The translation is "adult sweetness", so it's supposed to be a sweeter bar aimed at adults. Actually, it's not all that sweet, and the more bitter chocolate flavor works out ok. If it wasn't for the fact that I don't really like spending so much ($1.50 USD) on such a little bar, I'd consider getting this one more often.


larry said...

Great Post! We love Japanese Kit Kat's, and its sad that we can't get all the same flavors here in the states. Here is a site that I found that sell some of them though. And they are priced pretty well. Its

Happy shopping :D

TSOTE said...

Yes, AFG's pricing is pretty close to that of Japan. Hope you like those flavors.