Thursday, October 28, 2010

TAC Exhibit - Studio 4C

The Umasou exhibit didn't stick around very long. It was quickly replaced by "Genius Party - Beyond" (until Nov. 7). Actually, this exhibit is more about the various works from Studio 4C, which just includes Genius Party - Beyond, as well as the original Genius Party. Some of the works displayed here include "Tekkon Kinkreet", "Memories" and "Spriggan". I'd seen "Genius Party" in the theaters, which seemed like an interesting experiment but largely a waste of money. Only 2 or 3 segments really worked, and most of them seemed to be unfinished parts of larger wholes. The French philosophical segment was just pure dreck. So, I didn't bother with "Beyond". I have seen "Memories", which I really liked (based on Otomo's works), and they've also contributed to the Animatrix anthology.

The Studio 4C website is pretty cool.

(A TV screen and DVD player were set up to show Beyond.)

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