Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TAC - Umasou, Part 2

Because the TIAF event was held in the same building as the Tokyo Anime Center, I decided to pop by and drop off the URL for my FFF museum photos page with the manager, in case he was curious how the museum construction is going. I took the opportunity to watch the "omae, umasou da yo" video running on the DVD player near the information desk. I then learned that not only does the title refer to the little dinosaur's tastiness level, but "umasou" is actually the name the big dinosaur gives to the baby that adopts him as his "papa" (so, the title can also translate to "You are Umasou"). It was funny, watching "papa" chasing off the baby, then sadly saying "good luck, Umasou" (good luck, tasty tidbit). In Japanese, descriptives can turn into names, such as "glasses", "uni-brow" and "straw hat". We can now add to this list "tasty bits".

Later, the TAC manager brought out a box of "Umasou Dino Biscuits" and gave me a 4-packet package. He was amused by the fact that the anime promoters had written "tabete kudasai" on the top of the box ("please eat"). Don't need to tell me twice, Umasou.

(Note that the package advertises 64 different images printed on the biscuits.)

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