Friday, November 5, 2010

Domino's One Piece

Domino's Pizza is currently running a tie-in campaign with "One Piece". Order the pizza of your choice, and for an additional 450 yen you get either the Marin Ford box art with the large pizza, or the Luffy box art for a medium. Until Dec. 10 you also get two "One Piece" clear file folders. After Dec. 10 you can get one cup and mug set. Since the cheapest medium fixed-menu pizza on their menu is over 2000 yen ($24 USD) that means you're spending at least $25, if not close to $40 for a box and two clear files. I guess it's worth it if you really like Domino's Pizza.

Pizza-La is also running a similar campaign featuring Pokemon character artwork on the boxes, with similar pricing.

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