Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I wrote about the difficulty of getting Arduino parts from Switch Science (unless you order online), and Bunny came through with a couple suggestions for other shops to pick from. Marutsu is one of the few that actually sells the Arduino kits from a brick and mortar store located here in Akihabara. They mostly carry the Spark Fun kits in the commercial packaging (making them a little pricier than the raw kit boxes), and they don't offer everything Switch Science does. But, you can walk in and back out with the kit in your hands, rather than having to wait for it to arrive by mail. Marutsu has two locations, both within 5 minutes of the JR Akihabara station, but only shop one has the Arduino. Shop One is right next door to the Pondicheri maid cafe. The easiest way to find it is to go to Chuu-ou Dori from the JR station and head north a couple blocks to Kandamae Dori. Turn right and go west until the next big intersection. Turn left, go one block south, and then turn left again and it'll be on your left a few doors back towards the station again.

Marutsu is a components store, and they carry a wide variety of chips, caps, resistors and photo isolators. Their prices are comparable with most of the other shops in the area, but their selections are really good. They also have individual components for building a wheel-driven robot of your own design. After I take my next JLPT test in December, I think my next project will include a 2-color 8x8 LED matrix from Marutsu.

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Bunny said...

I bought 200 condensers (sorry, capacitors for readers outside JP) from Marutsu online. Ordered them at 5pm, received them before noon the following day! Free shipping too.

I didn't notice the maid cafe. I usually think of it as, behind the corpse of LAOX, just past Akizukidenshi.

Thinking about it, Wakamatsu up near the Southbound entrance of Suehirocho has some stuff, maybe 4 or 5F.