Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shin Mimi candies

I've mentioned before that certain snacks, or promotional tie-in products, are only available from a single convenience store chain. In around my office and apartment, I have Family Mart, 7-11, ABC and Lawson's, which are the main ones. Along the Odakyu train lines, there are also the Odakyu OX shops. A couple of nights ago, I stopped at one OX, which I normally don't do, and noticed a strange little package on a shelf near the front of the store, designed to look kind of like a horror novel - just a box with a few candies in it. It was discounted at half price so I picked it up to take a photo for the blog. Turns out it's an ad for Shin-Mimi, which apparently was a series of short chapters on TV, and are now available on DVD. The link to Orion Star, maker of the little ramune ice cream-flavored candies inside the box, indicated that the package first came out in June in limited locations, then went national in August. I guess the promotion is over now. I hadn't noticed this package before in other chains, so it may have been limited to OX. The Shin-Mimi website is fun to play around in.

The candies are billed as "ramune ice cream" (lemonade), but there was an overwhelming mint/menthol flavor and a chalky mouthfeel. It was like eating mint TUMS. Refreshing, but not something I'd want to eat a lot of.

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