Friday, November 12, 2010

TAC - Bakemono Monogatari

The TAC has its next exhibit running, this one for Nishio Ishin's works, including Bakemono Monogatari and Katana Gatari. Runs Nov. 9 to the 28th. The exhibit also includes a table of shooting scripts, but there was a clear "no photos" sign sitting on the table (I checked - no signs around the rest of the poster walls).


ridiculus said...

Very nice photos, Tsote. Thank you. Can I use some on them on my blog? It is not in English, so the readership will be different.

Actually, I have never watched Bakemonogatari, though I plan to.

TSOTE said...

Sure. If you want the higher quality versions, click on the images to get to Mediafire and then select the large size. Or, drop me an email and I can give you the the files myself.
All I ask is that you either include a credit to me, or add a link back to Threesteps on your site.

ridiculus said...

Thanks. I would have given you the credit anyway - that's just my style. :)