Monday, December 27, 2010

4th Quarter edition of the "related articles in the media"

Here's the batch of articles to show up in the media from Sept. to Dec., regarding anime, manga and related stuff. I've been kind of lax in uploading these, but I've also had plenty of other things to run on the blog, too, and the newspaper articles are kind of a second choice option. Enjoy.

Generic New News

Japan Times

Festival of manga, 'anime' opens in Kyoto

'Anime' makes Japan superpower

Review of Vertical's English release of Tezuka's Black Jack series

'Mizuki Shigeru: Illustrations of Yokai'

Pac-Man fetes 30-year milestone

Review of "Redline" anime

THE MANGA BIOGRAPHY OF KENJI MIYAZAWA, Author of Night of the Milky Way Railway, by Ko Yano

Dream becomes reality for Scottish manga creator
Story on Sean Michael Wilson, author of "Hagakure, The Manga Edition" and editor on "AX: Alternative Manga".

Possibilities are endless as Japan's manga fans turn cell phones into libraries

Space Battleship Yamato live-action movie review

Review of Mizuki Exhibit at Hachioji Gallery

Temple turns to 'anime' to lure the young

Daily Yomiuri

Ultra Man vs Mozart

Obituary for Satoshi Kon

Designer Komachi revisits work of master mangaka Tanioka

'District 9' director found inspiration in 'Macross'

'Gundam' movie dazzles, expands metaverse

Edo video game romance takes to the Tokyo stage

'Black Butler' serves up satanic slapstick, skimps on plot

Review of "Fairy Tail"

Special Fullaction Body Type-1 (S.F.B.T-1)

New exhibit explores history of the multifaceted Ado Mizumori
(Exhibit at Yayoi- Yumeji)

New initiative fosters young anime talent

Eulogy for Yoshinobu Nishizaki

'Bleach' one hell of an adventure movie review

A procession of countless demons

E-reader boom inspires digital manga championship

A procession of countless demons



Review of Ax Magazine Anthology

Hagakure (The Manga Edition)

Kochikame look-alike contest


Nobuyo Oyama, who'd voiced Doraemon for the TV series up until retirement in about 2005 is doing the voice for a character in an upcoming video game. You can see her here in an old TV ad on youtube.


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