Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Big Boy

Remember Big Boy? Didn't think so. But, they do still exist, and according to the wiki page they have 296 locations in Japan, too. While the focus in the U.S. is on hamburgers, the Japanese shops, like the one 2 kilometers from my apartment, carry what's called "hamburg steaks" (essentially hamburger patties prepared like steaks, on sizzling griddles and with your choice of glaze toppings). The basic hamburg steak was 500 yen, and included a couple fried veggies and a bowl of rice. The salad and drink bars were another 700 yen. The salad bar was kind of limited, and I only made three trips to the drink bar for melons sodas and an ice coffee. But still, for 1200 yen ($15), it was a filling meal. I would have preferred getting a Big Boy Burger, though.

(Would any of the Big Boy statues in the U.S. feature pieces of broccoli on the platter?)

This was the last good picture I ever took with my new digital camera. Right after, it slipped out of my hand and landed on the ground, cracking the LCD screen. It still takes shots, but without a view finder, and now, a badly messed up LCD display screen, I can't really frame the shot up right or verify that it's in focus. I can't get it repaired for less than the price of another used camera of the same model, so at some point I'm going to have to buy a replacement camera, once I've saved my money back up after all my Christmas spending.

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