Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kitaro Omiyage cakes

When I visited the Kitaro goods shop in Chofu, I decided to pick up two boxes of snacks for 600-700 yen each. As is the case for all snacks of this type, they're kind of like plain sponge cakes with little real redeeming flavors. You're really getting these for the box art as reminders of your trip somewhere.

The box on the right is "yokai ninjyo yaki" (baked monster figures), and the one on the left is "Oyaji Sagashi" (Find Kitaro's father). The ninjyo yaki are baked cakes with red bean paste inside, in the shapes of Neko Musume, Nezumi Otoko, Kitaro, and a few others. Kind of dry. Best with hot tea. With Oyaji Sagashi, you have 12 wrapped "chiffon cakes" (vanilla sponge cakes with cream filling) and one of them has a sticker with Oyaji on the bottom. You "win" if you're the one that picks the cake with the sticker on the wrapper.

Neko Musume yaki.

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