Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Piece - Strong World on TV

Back on Saturday, Fuji TV aired the latest One Piece movie - "Strong World". According to the One Piece Wiki, Strong World had a Dec. 2009, theatrical premiere, but the really big promotional push seems to have been during the summer when the DVD came out.

Initially, I avoided paying attention to One Piece because I thought the story was silly, and I didn't care for the character designs. I had seen a few of the early episodes of the TV anime in Austin, Texas, when the owner of a Mexican coffee shop would play them for his occasional Anime Night Mondays. It wasn't until this Fall, when I had yet another student tell me that his favorite anime was One Piece that I sat down and read the 594 (at the time) chapters of the manga. When I was finished, I had to admit that the story gets pretty overwhelming at times, and there is a lot of imagination at work. So I made sure to record Strong World when it aired, and finished watching it the following night after I got back from work at midnight.

If you've seen it, I won't bore you with the details. If you haven't yet but plan to, then you're going to like this one. If you have no interest in One Piece, then I suggest you read over the above Wiki description and try checking it out anyway. The artwork's great, the action is off the wall, and the entire film is one long roller coaster ride. Three thumbs up.


Bunny said...

I remember reading the first couple of volumes. It's your typical boys adventure style.

If you want further off the wall, "Gintama" is hard to beat.

Comic wise, see if you can find:
"totemo shonen tankentai" (Aro hiroshi, 2 volumes) from way back when he was funny. Before his brain was melted by too much zeppelintits.

TSOTE said...

I read Gintama when I was in Texas - it's a good read in English. Not so happy with the current anime in Japanese. Standard fallback if I really need something "off the wall" is Soul Eater. Can't go wrong with Soul.