Wednesday, December 29, 2010


A number of the news sources in and about Japan have just started picking up on Sorakara-chan, the mascot for the Tokyo Sky Tree. In fact, a foam-suit version of the character (below) had appeared as early as Nov. 16, according to the Sky Tree blog. But, the Japan Times ran an article announcing the manga-version on Dec. 29. What the media doesn't tell you is that Sorakara (which literally translates to "From the sky") has her own website.

(From the Sky Tree blog.)

If you go to the downloads page, you can get a screensaver and a wallpaper of the Tokyo skyline. And, if you go to the About Sorakara page, you'll see that she's being joined by two friends - Teppen-pen (Topmost Point Penguin) and Sokoburu-buru (Extremely Bulldog). Click on the blue balloon in the description about Sora, and she'll talk to you.

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