Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Soy Sauce Kitkats

First up, "Kutsurogi cacao" kitkats. "Kutsurogi" means "relaxation" or "comfort". For Kitkat, it means a darker chocolate with more sugar added. Not bad, as far as Kitkats go.

Then we have the Strawberry Cake flavor. This one comes pretty close to tasting like strawberries and cream, or maybe strawberry shortcake. Just a hint of that artificial flavor tang that always spoils the effect. Not that bad.

Back a few months ago, there was a big promotional tie-in with Family Mart to promote the K-On DVD. One of the products was cup milk chocolate. Standard milk chocolate in an over-priced plastic cup.

Finally, Umadare Barbecue flavored Cheetos. "Umadare" comes from "umai", meaning "delicious". From the photo, it seems they wanted to evoke the images of grilled steak, vegetables and green peppers. What they created was something that tastes a little like hamburger fat. Not a great success.

Ok, so you've probably been wondering where the thing about Soy Sauce-flavored Kitkats went. The truth is that I didn't take photos of them. Back on Dec. 5th, when I was buying some snacks at a Daily convenience store prior to going to take the JLPT test, I saw boxes of Shoyu (soy sauce) Kitkats at the register. They were 800 yen ($10) for a small box of 12 bars, and I didn't feel like spending that much money for Kitkats (normally it's 280 yen for a bag of 13 bars). Later, I tried finding them again at a different store chain, but it looks like they were only available at Daily. But, you can see a photo of the box here.

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