Monday, January 24, 2011

Akihabara back open for business

Up until June 8, 2008, Chuu-ou dori, the main north-south street in Akihabara, had been closed off to vehicle traffic on Sundays to allow shoppers and tourists to walk around on the street, and for maid cafe staff to entertain the shoppers with coordinated dances. After Tomohiro Kato slammed through the crowd with his truck, and then got out and stabbed 12 more people, police stopped allowing the street to be closed off like that.

Finally, on Jan. 23rd, 2011, at 1 PM, the practice was renewed. Crowds stood around and took pictures up to 1 PM. After that, they video recorded each other walking on the street.

No dancing maids, yet.

I wanted to get photos of the police, but there were just too many people out and they kept messing up the pictures. I did see one secret service agent, identifiable by his constant talking into his lapel, and the little cord running from his ear, but again the crowds got in the way of the photo.

The rolling advertisements took advantage of the crowds leading up to 1 PM to show off the upcoming DVD releases.

Reporters were everywhere.

Yup, just here to walk on the street, so I can tell my grandkids about it 40 years from now.

And if I bring my grandkids with me, I don't have to wait the 40 years to tell them, "I was there".

Even have people up from Osaka just for this singular day.

Store front advertising.

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