Monday, January 10, 2011

Anime Ads Now!

Various random anime-related ads that I found around Tokyo. Enjoy.

Promotions for the trading card game shop up on the Sobu line platform in Akihabara.

Golgo 13 for Black Black gum, from a train banner.

There was an exhibit dedicated to the works of artist Kitahara last Fall. I'm just impressed by the level of expression in the figure's face. Wall poster.

When I went to the GAoH! studio a few weeks ago, I really wanted to buy something from the goods shop, but the one manga I wanted was sold out and the rest of the manga on display was more than I wanted to pay. So I compromised by buying a Rin Taro postcard for 100 yen. Nice band.

Roots coffee and Shonen Jump magazine teamed up for a promotion. Buy one can of Roots coffee, and get a credit towards downloading a wallpaper image for your cell phone. Unfortunately, because my prepaid phone has internet access disabled, I wasn't able to take advantage of this offer. From train posters.

Ad for The Beautiful World. Wall poster from the Akihabara train station.

Gintama wall ad, discovered too late to be included with the entry on wall ads. From the Shinjuku train station.

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