Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Banner ads are everywhere!

When you're on the trains, it's kind of hard to avoid the advertising. There's 2 standard types - hanging sheets, and wall ads. The wall ads can either be in plastic-covered frames, or just slid into holder rails.

Even in Japan, you can't get away from her. Lack of talent knows no bounds.

A third form of advertising was attempted to promote a DS handheld game. Virtually no one I watched ever noticed that something was printed on the hanging straps.

Once you get out of the train station, you encounter other kinds of banner ads.
This one is for Japan JA, using the Anpanman characters.

This next banner, like the one above, was found in Nerima. It uses the Gaeru characters to promote a premium coupon.

If you really want banners, you need to go to Akihabara. The ones above here are for an NHK TV station sponsored event to promote some of their shows.

Finally, this one was for oden, sold at a convenience store, using one of the characters from Osomatsu-kun, by Fujio Akatsuka, creator of Tensai Bakabon.

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