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Garo 70

Garo #70, Jan., '70. Cover by Yuu Takita. 234 pages.

防人哀歌 (Soldier's Lament)

By Mitsuo Fujisawa (ふじ沢光男). 1 page.
Inside cover artwork.

定九郎の口紅 (Sadakuro's Lipstick)

By Yuu Takita (滝田ゆう). 40 pages.
One of the Terajima stories. The family is kind of at loose ends, lounging around during the day, running the stand bar at night. Kiyoshi plays battle tops against his friends, and loses his top to the reigning champion, when his mother yells at him to go home and study. That night, a female customer comes into the bar, and the male customers give her a hard time for being pretty and single, so Kiyoshi's dad has her wait for her friend in the back of the bar, and tells Kiyoshi to get her a book to read. Kiyoshi spends his time working with his new top, and the woman shows interest in learning how to play as well. Then the police arrive, looking for the woman in connection with a fight that sent one person to the hospital. The woman runs out the back door, leaving her lipstick tube behind. Searching for the woman, Kiyoshi stops at a kabuki playhouse, where he discovers a loose button that could be made into a top. Unfortunately, when he tries using it against his friends, it spins horribly. (Note that one of the manga Kiyoshi owns is Norakuro.)

盗っ人 (Thief)

By Shouhei Kusunoki (楠勝平). 46 pages. This is a featured manga on Nihon-go Hunter this week.
This is kind of a rambling story that starts out with a high school student that sees someone stealing a magazine at a bookstore. Eventually, the boy himself works up the nerve to steal a pen, which he gives to his girlfriend. He starts having dreams of a fishing boat in a storm, and things escalate, with an attack on his girlfriend, and getting drunk with another punk. At the end, the hero and the drunk go past a harbor where the hero recognizes the boats from his dream. The two of them pass out in a room, but when the hero wakes up the next morning, the other guy seems to have not existed, and the hero goes out to walk along the shore.

徽章をあごひもで隠して[高校教育]について (About Hiding "a high school education" Under a Chinstrap)
By Koshi Ueno (上野昂志). 2 pages.

悪夢 (Nightmare)

By Takerou Nishi (西たけろう). 20 pages.
One long, ongoing nightmare featuring monsters, zombies, vampires, etc. In the end, the main character gets killed by a giant winged snake-rat. No real consistent storyline.

Nishi Takerou shows up fairly heavily as a shojo horror manga artist, with a few books on the auction sites. But there's not very much in the way of personal information on him.

赤色エレジー (Red Elegy)

By Seiichi Hayashi (林静一). 17 pages.
The couple try to talk to each other, but the dialog is broken and the artwork is a series of random images. At the end, the girl says that she wants to marry the guy, and the last panel is Disney's prince holding Snow White in a storm of cherry petals.

素浪人錯乱 (Rounin Confusion)

By Maki Sasaki (佐々木マキ). 8 pages.

勝又進 作品集 (Katsumata's Creation Collection) #45

By Susumu Katsumata (勝又進). 6 pages.
3 and 4 panel gags.

ほっぷすてっぷじゃんぷ (Hoppusu Teppu Janbu)

By Nagako Morimachi (森町長子). 12 pages.
A girl gets on a bus, and rides it out to a field where she finds a power cord. She plugs the cord into the dirt and various toys come alive. But, she suddenly gets a toothache, so she goes to a dentist. The dentist gives her a painkiller, and she falls asleep, only to disappear. What remains is the dental office flying away like a sheet of paper, and the dentist sign - a pair of false teeth mounted on a sign board, saying "welcome". Basically another surreal dream sequence.

No information showing up under Nagako Morimachi in English. There are a few pages in Japanese, but most point to reviews of one specific children's book - "Yappari koura ha kama no mono" ("As I thought, this belongs to a Turtle)". No real bio data.

永い冬 (The Long Winter)

By Akira Ogawa (おがわあきら). 24 pages.
I've never really liked Akira's story telling, and this one doesn't do anything for me, either. A star high school baseball pitcher has a heart attack on the mound and dies. Afterward, his friends, 3 guys and two girls, visit his grave once a month. After a year, one of the guys decides that the pitcher's former girlfriend has been pining for the dead one too long, and he tells her he loves her, adding that the pitcher once confided in him that he'd really preferred the other girl to the girlfriend. The former girlfriend is reduced to tears and she tells the others what had happened. The rest of the group tricks the would-be paramour into visiting the grave again, and they all start pounding on him. Unfortunately, he then accuses the rest of them of being hypocrites - hating each other for various reasons all surrounding the dead pitcher. In the end, the group breaks up and stops visiting their friend's grave.

Mime (Mime)

By Shigeo Masai (正井しげ魚). 6 pages. This is a featured manga on Nihon-go Hunter this week.
Shigeo's maestro character gets stuck in a maze, and ends up seeing himself reaching the end. An ambulance arrives to cart him off to the asylum.

アルマジロ (Armadillo)

By Kuniko Tsurita (つりた くにこ). 13 pages.
A hiker encounters a man sitting on a rock, and asks him where a specific town is. The man tells the hiker that no such town exists, even though it's marked on the map. The guy finishes his lunch and goes to bury the body of someone else he'd just killed. The hiker and the killer walk along the road, past Stonehenge, and reach a village carved in the rock of the hills, filled with people wearing something that looks like a burka. The hiker hears a voice saying "Please help me", and the killer says that it's actually the spirit of someone that had died long ago but the soul had not passed on to the other world. Hence, the spirit says "please help me". The hiker suddenly throws his hands up, faces the reader and says "please help me, please help me".

二人三脚 (2 People, 3 Legs)

By Tadao Tsuge (つげ忠男). 25 pages. This is a featured manga on Nihon-go Hunter this week.
Two guys working at a factory share the same room in an apartment building to save on rent. The hero gets disgusted at the behavior of his roommate, and escapes to the factory to take a shower. The water of the communal bath is too cool, so the hero works on the boiler to bring the temperature up, but with little success. While the rest of the workers bathe, the hero plays cards with two friends, and talks about the bad behavior of the roommate. The hero wins the game and leaves to take his bath. The roommate stumbles in, stinking drunk, and makes a mess of the bath. At the end, the hero tells the roommate that he's horribly disgusting, and the guy just stands there staring, drunk and with vomit running down his chin.

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