Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moyashimon makes a mark

Right after I wrote about the Preston Beer event at the UDX building in Akihabara last month, Bunny wrote a comment about how the manga featured at the event, Moyashimon, is really good. So, a few days later, when I was at the Kinokuniya bookstore in Shinjuku, I discovered a full stack of the manga on one shelf and decided to pick up the first volume. I haven't gotten to reading it yet, but I hope to do so in a few more days (after I'm done with my remaining backlog of Garo issues).

A few days after that, I was in Ginza for an end-of-year sushi dinner, and as I was walking back towards the Tokyo station, I stopped off at an upscale import food store that I like. Along the back wall they had the little one ounce bottles of alcohol, and I grabbed a bottle of Maker's Mark on impulse. The day after that, I was at the kiosk in Noborito to pick up a copy of the English Japan Times newspaper when the cover of the weekly Evening magazine caught my eye, with the Moyashimon characters dominating the page. Figuring that I'd check out the latest chapter of the story just to what's going on in it, I bought a copy. And was hugely amused to discover that the Moyashimon people are visiting a bourbon whiskey distillery in the U.S. They don't actually come out and say which distillery, so you're left to guess if it has a name or not.

And, because I could, I turned the magazine cover into a gyroscope origami. One comment to anyone that wants to try their hand at this - make sure the top sheet of paper of each unit has a lot of slack space when you fold the corners down over the lower sheet, or you'll never get the last unit to fit into place at the end. Stupid thick pieces of paper that conform to the laws of topology and surface dynamics...

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