Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nenga-jou 2011

I've written about nenga-jou before. These are the post cards that the Japanese send each other at the beginning of the year. Generally, the idea is to send them so that they arrive on New Year's Day, but often that's not really feasible. Families with lots of friends or work-related contacts can end up sending 100-200 cards each. A few people I talked to were preparing their cards as early as Dec. 10th, and had 80 that they planned to mail out. Automating the process with a wordprocessor and an Excel spreadsheet of names and addresses does help, but they do still need to be personalized by hand.

The good people at the anime studio Ekura Animal sent me their nenga-jou, and it just arrived yesterday. I did panic a bit about a week ago, because I tried visiting their homepage to check their status, and the page was gone. Fortunately, it just moved the appropriately named anime.or.jp.

shin-nen omedetto gozaimasu.

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