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Garo 79

Garo #79, Aug., '70. Cover by Sampei Shirato. 234 pages.
Sorry. Nothing this time that I really want to feature. Please note that the gaps in the used issues of Garo are getting bigger at Mandarake, and it's getting harder to find them. In fact, the Akihabara store has removed all of its Garo issues from the 1960's up to the 1980's, as well as most of the COM magazines, to make room for old copies of Shonen Jump.

カムイ伝 (Kamui-den) #63

By Sampei Shirato (白土三平). 99 pages.
Atena has taken to tending for some of the kids from the village and the vagrant's camp. One night Ukon arrives at the big house she is staying at, and she finally says that she's willing to sleep with him now. Ukon is so excited at the thought that he immediately takes her clothes off, but her dead expression kills his ardor and he gives up to go wandering in the woods outside. Eventually, he starts understanding a little of Atena's feelings regarding her love for Ikakku.

Elsewhere, the Edoites trying to lay seige to Hanamaki village are approached by Gon and a small group of villagers, and the two sides meet to parley in the middle of a river. The Edoite military leader tries to bluster, angry at the insulting way he's been treated, but Gon just brushes it all off. At some point, another messenger arrives and the Edoites turn tail and leave the village outskirts. In the Daimyo's mansion, Ryounosuke is given a proclamation, stating that the Edoites are being pulled back home, but as part of the concessions the region will be reassessed for tax purposes (if I understand it right). Ryounosuke is angered at the new turn of events against his favor and stalks out of the mansion. Along the way, he bumps into another samurai, who looks like the one that had led the siege of Hanamaki village. Ryounosuke refuses to apologize to the other guy, and in the ensuing sword fight, the other samurai is chopped to pieces and beheaded. He continues out of the grounds and rides off, as the other retainers look on in shock.

Back at Hanamaki, the villagers and vagrants return to their homes to celebrate. But Ryounosuke arrives to say that the real fight is just beginning. The villagers are disappointed at having their buzz killed. Returning home, Ryounosuke has to deal with more distractions, including a merchant who's in the process of constructing a huge building in the middle of town. Ryounosuke confronts him, and the merchant just apologizes obsequiously. Ryounosuke orders the building torn down, and the merchant promises to be back again soon. The next distraction is when Ryounosuke looks at the accounting books and discovers that various wealthy families have been selling their estates to Edoites. He confronts one village headsmen over the matter, and spies Yokome, who's the one acting as "go-between" for the transactions. Ryounosuke tries to fight him, but Yokome escapes easily. There's a long chase, and Ryounosuke is led to the woods where other fighters are lying in wait for him. Ryounosuke defeats the others, but the attackers include women and children, and Yokome's band of vagrants arrive to see the aftermath of the slaughter. Knowing that he's been baited and tricked into disgrace, Ryounosuke walks up into the hills to think about what to do next.

In the village, Atena is caring for the children when the log they're playing on shifts and several of them fall into the water. Atena and one other woman save most of the kids, but one turns up later, drowned. The vagrants are enraged that the dead one is one of theirs and wonder why Atena has betrayed them. The second woman stands up for Atena and a confrontation is avoided. However, Yokome's the one that ensured that the one child drowned, and he has the second woman raped and killed, with a torn piece of cloth left behind to incriminate the vagrants. Yokome succeeds in turning the vagrants and villagers against each other. Atena tries to stop the fighting, but when she knocks down one of the men, Yokome shoots him in the neck with a pebble, making it look like Atena killed him. The mob turns on her, and she dies. Ukon sees Akane's corpse and he goes into a rage, killing scores of people as the madman Koroku dances around with a severed arm in his hands.

赤色エレジー (Red-Colored Elegy)

By Seiichi Hayashi (林静一). 23 pages.
The couple continues to misunderstand each other, with the girl getting frustrated that the guy just wants to work on his manga. She gets drunk and tries to seduce him, with the result turning a little violent.

闇の中の大衆のこころについて (About the Heart of People Within the Darkness)
By Jirou Iwata (岩田二郎). 2 pages.

新-日本書紀 (The New Old Chronicles) #18
By Mamoru Sasaki & Satsuko Okamoto (佐々木 守 & 岡本 颯子). 6 pages.
Article. No attached page scan to show for this chapter this time, because all of the accompanying illustrations look muddy and uninteresting.

はるかな夢 (Distant Dream) #1

By Kiyoshi Akiyama (秋山清). 5 pages.
This is the start of a series. Basically it's a story with some illustrations. No information that can be linked to a specific Kiyoshi Akiyama. There is one abstract artist of this name, and someone that apparently was identified as an anarchist, but that's about it.

勝又進作品集 (Katsumata's Creation Collection) #51

By Susumu Katsumata (勝又進). 3 pages.
More 3 and 4 panels gags. In the above gag, the first person is a worker, who gets treated to the full "awesome greeting". The second is a riot cop there to suppress worker and college student unrest. The third is a protester.

軽気劇砂漠の目玉 (Light Drama of the Eye)

By Maki Sasaki (佐々木マキ). 12 pages.
More surrealism featuring a flying boy and a fat penguin.

捜索者 (Investigator)

By Tada Hoshikawa (星川忠). 6 pages.
A pilgrim happens upon a zen Buddhist priest and wants to attain perfection. As part of the process of separating himself from the real world, he cuts off his own arm. Then both legs. He asks the priest to cut off his other arm for him. Then they both sit in a forest hut and meditate.

There is an artist by the name of Tadashi Hoshikawa (星川 忠資), but he just does abstract paintings, given what I can find on the net. Otherwise, I'm not finding anything on Tada Hoshikawa.

そこにいる (It's There)

By Tamehiro Tashiro (田代為寛). 24 pages.
A rather strange story that starts out with some intelligence agency being warned that a big, black mass is approaching Japan. A special call is sent out to "sensei", who's a guy living alone on an island as a caveman. Sensei prepares to do battle with just a rock tied to the end of a stick, and the mass takes on the shape of a massive giant, before dissipating into the sky.

Tamehiro Tashiro was apparently the pen name for Shintarou Tashiro. Shintarou's homepage does include "Space Event" in the "early works" section. However, his later art style is completely different, and aimed more towards children. From his works index page, click the links to see sample pages from each title.

暗黒同盟 (Dark Alliance)

By Hiroyuki Ohtani (大谷弘行). 26 pages.
A Manson family-like clan kidnaps a woman that seems to be related to a particular target of theirs. She doesn't know what's going on, so they rape her. In the corner, one of the members is a guy in a black hooded robe, looking like Death, and smoking 2 cigarettes in a single holder. When the others pass out, the kidnap victim asks Death to let her go. The others wake up and there's a falling out amongst them. Meanwhile, Death curls up in a corner of the house he's taken the woman to, and she just gets up and leaves for freedom.

紫の伝説 二の章 (Purple Legend) #3

By Masuzou Furukawa (古川益三). 17 pages.
A man wandering through what looks like ancient Japan happens upon a hermit's hut. The guy the first man is chasing shows up at the same hut and they get ready to fight. But every time the first guy tries to attack the second one, the hermit yells, stopping him. The scene changes and the first guy is now in an apartment, possibly in the countryside of modern Japan. The guy meets up with a friend and they go out to a lake and just float around on a fishing boat, talking about society.

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