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Garo 88

Garo #88, Mar., '71. Cover by Sampei Shirato. 234 pages.

カムイ伝 (Kamui-den) #70

By Sampei Shirato (白土三平). 46 pages.
The story is getting close to wrapping up. Ryounosuke has been encircled by Kazuma and his uncle. Ryounosuke plays out some scenarios in his head, which all result in his being caught in midair and getting killed. He decides to change tactics, and gets Kazuma to agree to fight him single-handedly. After a fierce battle, Ryounosuke catches the uncle off guard and lops off both of his legs. Kazuma is left with a dilemma - continue trying to kill Ryounosuke, or try to rescue his uncle before he bleeds to death. The boy decides on the latter course, and Ryounosuke discovers Koroku playing around with some skulls near by. (Note that Koroku is looking decidedly thinner, smaller and much meaner than before.)

Shousuke, and most of the Hanamaki villagers have been imprisoned and are being tortured over their refusal to turn over their lands, and to reveal who had attacked the new magistrate. Some high-ranking samurai have brought in a professional torturer to crack the peasants' will, but instead they're just dying off one by one. Elsewhere, Itami-ya is bathing at an onsen, surrounded by 20 women, who he bribes with handfuls of gold coins. Red Eye confronts him, and Itami-ya just blows him off. Red Eye leaves, and is pushing a small boat up the river when Kamui attacks him and is easily killed. Red Eye wonders how long these stupid attacks will go on, since this is the third Kamui he's beheaded this week.

星をつかみそこねる男 (Man Who Seized the Star) #6

By Shigeru Mizuki (水木しげる). 32 pages.
The Shinsengumi has been formed from some of the samurai ranks, but not everyone is behaving with honor. One specific arrogant samurai is picking fights with inn keepers and killing them out in the woods, and then trying to seduce the gesha working at the inns. Things are about to come to a head soon.

われらが生きのびる道を教えよ (Doctrine for Our Long Life)
By Sankichi Nomoto (野本三吉). 2 pages.

新-日本書紀 (The New Old Chronicles) #23

By Mamoru Sasaki & Satsuko Okamoto (佐々木 守 & 岡本 颯子). 6 pages.

紫の伝説 (Purple Legend)

By Masuzou Furukawa (古川益三). 31 pages.
Start of an SF story line. The sun is giving off an excess of neutrinos, which is causing the Earth to overheat. Water is in short demand, and people are fighting over what little they can find. The American President is at wit's end, and some Japanese scientists are working against the clock to find a solution.

勝又進 作品集 (Katsumata's Creation Collection) #53

By Susumu Katsumata (勝又進). 5 pages.
More 3- and 4-panel gags.In the above strip, a man visiting a department store is asked to pick a piece of paper from a lottery, and is told that he's won a discount for a beautiful diamond, if he buys it now. The woman asks if he loves his girlfriend, and the guy is so desperate to show his affection that he buys the stone right there. A close-up of the discarded lottery papers shows that all of them say "you won".

はじめに漫画的でないものとして (Starting Out With Something Not Manga)

By Tetsuo Tanase (棚瀬哲夫). 10 pages.
A guy wakes up one morning to find a giant phallic-shaped plant growing in his front yard. A neighbor, an old man, comments on how these things used to be a lot more common in the old days. The guy tries to dig up the plant but just manages to destroy his shovels. The next day he gets a specially designed shovel, but the plant's gone now, having been dug up by the neighbor for use as an aphrodisiac.

No info on this artist, although he seems to have appeared in "夜行" magazine (Yakou ("Night Train Ride")) 4 times in 1972.

美代子阿佐ヶ谷気分 (Miyoko Asagaya's Feeling) #1

By Shinichi Abe (阿部慎一). 14 pages. This is a featured manga on Nihon-go Hunter this week.
A woman wakes up one morning and prepares herself for the day, putting on makeup, eating breakfast and playing guitar. At the end of the day, she says "time to go back", and climbs through a hole in the ceiling in the storage space used for keeping the futon mattresses.

Abe first appeared in Garo with "The Gentle Person" in issue #75, under the name 安部慎一 (also read as "Shinichi Abe"). He'd established himself with "Miyoko", a semi-autobiographical series named after his girlfriend.

かんたろ月 (Kantaro Moon)

By Susumu Katsumata (勝又進). 20 pages.
Essentially, what we have here is a slice-of-life story following a troupe of female performers, and one of the two young boys enlisted to play the part of one of the women that's gone missing. In the end, the women go back to their regular lives, working in the rice fields.

探偵陰溝蝿児 (Detective Inkouyoko) #2

By Hiroyuki Ohtani (陰溝蝿児). 26 pages.
Inkouyoko arrives at a mansion that he's been summoned to, where he meets a sinister old man, the old man's beautiful daughter, some caretakers, and the butler. The old man has a crush on his own daughter, putting Inkouyoko at risk whenever he's with her. One of the old man's henchmen is spying on them when an approaching storm causes a tree to fall on him. The daughter notices the thug's plight, and just tells Ohtani to hurry into the mansion. She tells Ohtani that he must leave because otherwise her father will have him killed. Ohtani returns to his room, where one of the gay caretakers tries to seduce him.

うらにしの里 (Back West Village)

By Tadao Tsuge (つげ忠男). 33 pages.
This looks like a travelogue story, but this time from Tadao. He takes a bus up into the mountains, but finds that the people he encounters there dislike strangers. He reaches a Shinto shrine, but the priest running the place has gotten fed-up with tourists and won't let Tadao stick around long enough to even catch his breath. In the end he finds himself walking down the other side of the mountains.

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