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Garo 90

Garo #90, Apr., '71. Cover by Sampei Shirato. 234 pages.

カムイ伝 (Kamui-den) #71

By Sampei Shirato (白土三平). 88 pages.
The high-ranking samurai are having all of the villagers rounded up and imprisoned, with the intent of torturing all of them until one cracks and says who attacked the new magistrate. No one wants to talk, and the number of dead on the rack exceeds 30. The magistrate himself sees this as futile, but the other samurai out rank him, and this is now a matter of their pride being at stake. Shibutare, the snitch also suddenly finds himself imprisoned, where he meets one of the last remaining members of his own village, who dies in his arms. Shousuke is tortured as well, getting his legs badly mangled up, and Gorou has one foot put into boiling oil. When the samurai try to put Gorou's face in the oil, Gon says that he can't let this go on any more. Since Gon is chained to the rack and about to have his ribs snapped, the samurai laugh at him. But this is a man that carries full-grown bulls on his back - he succeeds in destroying the rack, then to show the other prisoners that they have to keep their resolve, Gon drinks the boiling oil, which kills him. Suddenly, an unexpected voice rings out - it's Shibutare, who has decided that he too has had enough. He tells the samurai that the end is near - no matter how hard they try, word of their abuse will reach Edo and they will be punished. While, up in the rafters of the building several ninja are noticing that it's getting crowded up there - they've got company; Red Eye is also watching along. One of the ninja tries fleeing and Red Eye captures him. The ninja won't talk, so Red Eye removes their mask, only to reveal Saesa.

Back at the main mansion, the Edo samurui are interrogating the new magistrate, and he's pointing the finger at Itami-ya, and the other merchants. Most of the merchants are facing imprisonment as well, so the question is why Itami-ya is getting special treatment. The Edo group is starting to realize that they're vulnerable, and they're looking for ways to cover themselves. They're convinced the magistrate is a threat, so to show his sincerity, he takes them to one of the most lawless towns in his jurisdiction, and proceeds to cut down the gang running the place. He uses this demonstration to show that his promise to seal his powers will have an impact. Unfortunately, it is looking like some of the Edo group are being picked off one by one, which sends the rest into a funk.

星をつかみそこねる男 (Man Who Seized the Star) #7

By Shigeru Mizuki (水木しげる). 32 pages.
The internal dissension is causing problems within the Shinsengumi. The bigger troublemaker uses cannons to open fire on the American ships in the harbor. A little later, 5 disguised men enter the troublemaker's apartments late at night and slay him.

ポリバケツのある風景 (Polyethylene Bucket Scenery)
By Koshi Ueno (上野昂志). 2 pages.

新-日本書紀 (The New Old Chronicles) #25

By Mamoru Sasaki & Satsuko Okamoto (佐々木 守 & 岡本 颯子). 6 pages.

まめ (Soybean)

By Shouhei Kusunoki (楠勝平). 21 pages. This is a featured manga on Nihon-go Hunter this week.
A poor Edo family is running out of things to eat, leaving a rooster and some soybeans. The father goes out to conduct business, leaving the kids at home to play games. When they get hungry, they're told to eat the raw beans. The next day, the mother prepares a big stew, and the family can't eat it because they're already filled up on soybeans. Later, a neighborhood woman complements the family for the delicious food she got from them (probably the stew leftovers), while the family just stares at her, with a single bird feather fluttering by (implying that they'd cooked the rooster but weren't hungry enough to eat it.)

紫の伝説 (Purple Legend)

By Masuzou Furukawa (古川益三). 20 pages.
This is the second part of the overheating Earth story. Japan succeeds at building a spaceship to do some exploring, while at a national conference what looks like a Buddhist priest appears from space, floats in the air, and causes one of Japan's leaders to float up with him.

探偵陰溝蝿児 (Detective Inkouyoko) #3

By Hiroyuki Ohtani (陰溝蝿児). 26 pages. This is a featured manga on Nihon-go Hunter this week.
Inkouyo pulls out a knife and threatens the gay family member, who is suddenly guarded by the thug that had the tree fall on him (Eli). Eli takes Inkouyou out to the garden, and from a tree branch they watch a hooded figure enter the woman's room and do stuff to her. Later, the head of the family gives Inkouyou cash to leave the house and not talk to anyone about what's going on there, but Inkouyou hears a strange moaning coming from somewhere and follows it through a secret passage into a dungeon where the gay member is being tortured. Eli shoots the victim before he can talk. Inkouyou then rushes to the woman's room and tries to get her to go with him to freedom. He discovers her secret - she's actually a guy in drag, and "she" bites her tongue off. As she dies in Inkouyou's arms, Eli enters the room and shoots Inkouyou in the chest.

冬の海 (Winter Sea)

By Susumu Katsumata (勝又進). 29 pages.
This is another of the longer stories from Susumu, rather than his standard 4-panel gag strips. Two women are outside during a cold winter day, one heavily bundled up, the other lightly dressed. The lightly dressed one loses a doll as she runs back home. The other returns to her house, where she and her father tend to a couple young children. The grandfather leaves for his own home that night. The next day, the mother finds her friend out next to the ocean shore, with the doll lying in the surf. The friend throws the doll into the ocean, bemoaning the fact that "someone" (probably her husband or boyfriend) is "very far away". At the same time, it looks like the mother's partner is also missing. She goes through her photo album, noticing that she doesn't have a single picture of him. The story ends with pictures of an approaching storm lashing the countryside.

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