Monday, February 7, 2011

Merry Papercraft

In last week's issue of Shonen Jump magazine, there was a pair of special inserts dedicated to "One Piece" (for which vol. 61 of the collected chapters recently hit the shelves). The first insert was a post card with little holes punched out. Go to the official website and use the post card to spell out a secret message.

The second insert was a set of 3 sheets of pre-punched and creased heavy bond paper for making a papercraft version of the Merry. It took about an hour to finish, given the tricky nature of some of the folds and the fact that the ship kept wanting to slip out of my hand. It's about 4" long and 4" tall and looks surprisingly good on the shelf. Doesn't float well, though (these photo were taken before the Merry went into the shower. Guess I should have treated it with the special tree sap first...

I'm not bothering to run scans of the initial pre-punched sheets here, since I expect that one of the fan scanilation groups has already done it.

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