Saturday, February 19, 2011

Small Adventures #18

The other day, we decided to go to a sushi restaurant in Yurigaoka, a couple of blocks from the train station on the Odakyu line. It was small place, open for just a few hours during lunch, and staffed by the owner/sushi chef, a cashier/waitress, and an assistant fish cutter. There was about enough space to hold 15 people, plus the display of raw fish. After a little while, an older woman entered the restaurant, and the cashier introduced her to the chef as her mother. One of the other women eating at the counter recognized the woman and they chatted together for a while. Later, the cashier's mother pulled a package out of her bags and gave it to her daughter - a small basket of hand-made origami toothpick holders. The basket immediately went next to the cash register. As we paid our bill and readied to leave, the cashier gave us our choice of holders. This included kites, fish and kimonos. I took one of the Hawaiian-shirt shapes. No idea if the woman made them herself, or if she just bought them from a store and donated them to the shop. Still, it's distinctive and cool-looking.

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