Monday, February 14, 2011

White Christmas, 6 weeks delayed

Happy Valentine's Day!

Last night, it started snowing in Tokyo again. This time, it stuck (last Friday, the snow melted on contact, and just made for a dreary wet day in the middle of the Chinese New Year activities). Sometime between 8:00 and 8:30 PM, there was enough of a blanket on the rocks along the train line in Akihabara to be visible from the 19th floor, but I couldn't actually see it coming down through the window. By 9:30, the blanket on the ground made it obvious that there was snow. When I got out of the office at 10:10 PM, the slush on the sidewalk was about an inch deep, and the Chuu-ou express line from Tokyo to Shinjuku had stopped running in Ochanomizu. So I had to take the Sobu local train to Shinjuku. Because of the delays, although I was leaving the office an hour earlier than normal, I was still getting home close to midnight. It's not really cold - there's just a lot of wet, heavy flakes coming down.

Given that the U.S. has been getting lots of snow for a while now, the events in Tokyo pale in comparison. The thing is, this is the first real snow Tokyo's seen in a few years, and it's taken until Feb. for it to happen. The next few weeks are going to get cold fast at this rate, but it probably won't last long.

In a few more months, we'll probably be breaking heat records again.

(Front of the train as it's pulling out of the station.)

(Of course, the one time I want a good shot of someone riding a mamachari in the snow, the camera won't focus.)

(The flowers in this planter were alive this morning...)

(The camera does NOT like the light from the flash reflecting off the snow...)

This morning, the streets and sidewalks had melted clear, with the snow remaining on the grass and roofs of buildings.


Bunny said...

The conifers and nezumimochi in our garden were bent almost double by 2 a.m.

in the early morning, the snow was sliding off the roofs making some impressive thuds.

by about 11 they were standing up again.

TSOTE said...

Yeah, most of the snow on the streets and sidewalks was gone by morning, and by the afternoon the flowers in the planters near the train station seems to have shaken off the cold. A little frost damage to the outer edges of the petals, but that's it.

There's still a fair amount of snow visible from the apartment though, on the grass in among the trees on the hills. Basically anywhere protected by shade.