Monday, March 28, 2011


Motorcycle parking can be hard to find. Especially long-term, and protected from the elements. Welcome to the world of bike lockers, made by "Paaku Oh" (Park King).

In Noborito, close to the Fujio F Fujiko museum, they had a major flood one day, and one of the sailboats from the harbor in Yokohama was washed inland. The building owners couldn't afford to have it removed, so it's still there today.

The suit of armor in the window came from a separate incident involving European knights that had misplaced their maps during a raid on the Shire of Farvingham, in 1759.

Also in Noborito, there was a small boxing gym along the main drag. I'm wondering if the owners ever considered whether the windows would be opened when they commissioned the sign maker to put the sign up.

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