Saturday, March 5, 2011

Comment on Young King Ours and Sunday GX

After writing up the Ultra Jump entry, I started contemplating moving on to another magazine and doing another commentary write-up. Specifically, I was hoping that Akihiro Itou was starting to work again, and the two of his stories that I've been following would appear in Sunday GX and Young King Ours. But, just by looking at the covers, it was obvious that he wasn't in either of the 2 March issues. Just to make sure, and to see if there was anything else that I might be attracted to, I decided to get them anyway, even though one of my considerations is for only magazines that have some kind of special freebie (like a keychain, cellphone strap or pen).

(All images used here for review purposes only.)

First up is Young King Ours, 550 yen, 594 pages, monthly. This is the magazine that Geobreeders used to run in. Currently, the only two titles that may be recognized by western fans are Locke the Superman, and Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru (which was made into a TV anime last season). There's no freebie or fold-out poster in this issue. The manga genres included are: action, slice of life, arts and comedy. Most of the artwork is better than average, but the character designs are still fairly generic. For me, the only reason for even picking this magazine up to page through it at the store is Geobreeders.

Then we have Sunday GX (AKA: Sunday Gene-X), probably best known for having carried Rei Hiroe's "Black Lagoon", 550 yen, 446 pages, monthly. However, Black Lagoon also doesn't appear in the March issue, and there's a chance it won't be in the April issue either (according to the "in the next issue" page). The Japanese wiki indicates that it's still ongoing, so maybe it's just on hiatus rather than having ended. Itou's "Wilderness" is the one that used to be in YKO. With both Black Lagoon and Wilderness missing from the March issue, the only other title of any interest would be Seiji Keikan Monju (Special Police Officer Monju), a dramedy that follows an android special forces officer reassigned to a rural station in the countryside. There aren't any other stories of note in this magazine; the primary genres are cat-people, fantasy and the occasional SF police drama. The artwork in this magazine is mostly generic, so again, the only draw for me is Wilderness, which is why I don't even look this one over at the store, normally.

(Sunday GX's fold-out poster.)

Fortunately, Sunday GX does at least have a fold-out poster page at the beginning. No other freebies, though. On the other hand, the March issue does have several pages dedicated to the next Black Lagoon DVD, and one of the items mentioned that you can buy is Rock's business card case, for 1000 yen. Expect this one to be a popular item.

(Rock's meishi case.)

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