Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lego Educational Center

You find the strangest things when you're not looking for them. Back about a month ago, I was heading over to Tokyo Noudai (the Tokyo Agricultural University) in Setagaya. Noudai is the basis for the school in Moyashimon, although the Setagaya campus has nothing to do with the building layout in the manga. It's not really easy to get to for me. The main route is to take the Odakyu line over to Chitose-Funabashi station (next station to Kyodo) and then walk east about 15 minutes towards Setagaya Douri.

And there, 3 blocks from the station is the Lego Education Center. They didn't have this kind of thing when I was a kid. ;-( Here's the link for the Setagaya location.


Shiroibara said...

I'm really curious. What exactly is it that they teach?

TSOTE said...

Well, I didn't go inside at the time, but the UK LEC advertises that it teaches the basics for math, mechanics and robotics. They do have the Mindstorm robotic kits, which include a programmable microcomputer, so there is the software element, too.


Mostly, I think it's just a place to drop off young children as a kind of daycare center where they can build things.