Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photos backlog 5

I'm currently relocated outside of Tokyo, waiting for the earthquakes to settle down. I'm far enough out of the zone to not feel them anymore, but there was one reported on TV yesterday in Chiba (the prefecture next to Tokyo which includes Narita airport) that caused some minor structural damage to certain buildings and streets. However, the Japan Times and Daily Yomiuri papers don't mention it at all on their online sites. I think that the papers are getting tired of reporting all of the quakes that keep rattling the northeast coast line. Of course, there's also the Fukushima reactor crisis that does get a lot of media coverage. There's some radiation making its way to Tokyo. I don't consider it to be all that dangerous right now, but many of the residents seem to be at least getting nervous over it. And finally there's the rolling blackouts, which are disrupting business operations and commuter travel. The big complaint is that Tokyo Electric is the one deciding when and where to cut power, and when they change their minds at the last minute, it leaves everyone else in the lurch. There have been calls for the government to make the decisions to coordinate everything, but given the their poor track record for responding to the crisis so far, I'm not sure that would be an improvement. But, bottom line is that I'm ok right now, for those of you that have read down this far.


Toei Studios, along with their well-known production facilities, also has theaters for showing their films. One such theater is in Hibiya, close to Ginza, in Tokyo. There's a small Godzilla statue in the park in front of the building.

It's hard to get good photos of food, especially if you're at a table under low-lighting conditions and you don't want to use a flash and call attention to yourself. The result can turn out rather unappetizingly. This as a kind of hamburg steak pasta dish at the Gundam cafe in Akihabara . Note the garnish at the front of the dish, designed to look like the Gundam helmet adornment, and the Gundam shield carrot to the left. The food itself was good. The price was about 1400 yen ($17 USD), and included an ice coffee.

When I was walking to the Mitaka Film fest a few weeks ago, I passed by this advertisement on the window of a hair stylist school, promoting the 2010 Hair Design Contest, held back in December. Interesting concept.

Hanging banner ad on the train for Big Comic Original.

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